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Our video-endoscopy system allows you capture images/videos easily and more.
And there is one more thing ... we gonna AI.


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These features distinguish us from competitors.

Vessels highlighting (ExView)

From light source wavelength we are able to suggest an appropriate RGB filter that highlights blood-vessels in the tissue. This way the doctor can easily distinguish the common blood-vessels structure from the one which was created by precancerosis or tumor.

Original images Exview images

HDR imaging

Tissue near the endoscope can be over-illuminated while the distant part can be under-illuminated. This is because the amount of light decrease rapidly with the distance from endoscope tip. We can compensate it by capturing two images with different exposure times and fusing it into the single picture. We are able to do it in real-time on live image.

Image without HDR compensation HDR compensation

Fibroscopic grid correction

Our software is able to remove fibroscopic grid and preserve all the data at the image. We do it on live stream at 25 fps, so the image remains fluent.

Noise reduction

When doctor observes distant places or if he/she has not very powerfull light source the image contains some additional noise, because autoexposure increase camera gain (ISO) automatically to preserve the overall image brightness. Noise is disturbing and makes the image unpleasant. We have developed real-time image denoising algorithm, that suppress noise while preserves image details. The following example is not from real patient's examination (the light brightness was artificialy set only to 3% of the brightness maxima), but shows the denoising effect well.

Image captured without noise reduction Image captured with noise reduction

Side-by-side comparison

Our video player allows easy Drag'n'Drop navigation in video, frame-by-frame going through video by wheel, capturing image from video by a single click and comparison upto 4 images/videos side by side. So if the patient came back to doctor after the cure, doctor can play videos (before/after treatment) side-by-side and see the objective difference.

Effective FullHD resolution

Our system has so called FullHD+ effective resolution (upto 2048x1536 pixels). It means we can capture, display and distinguish even single pixel wide lines (density 10).