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Video endoscopy system allows you capture images and videos easily.


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Video endoscopy system from Kettex Development

Video endoscopy system consists of hardware and software. You need just your own light source and endoscope to use our system. When you attach the endoscope to the camera coupler the system is ready to go. The oculars of the endscopes are the same standard, so the system works with every endoscope.

Hardware of the video endoscopy system:


In the basic system we use USB3 color CMOS camera with resolution 1280x960 @ 25fps. The camera gives fluently color-true and high resolution image. If you have high performance light source you can capture FullHD video and even take snapshots with 2590x1920 pixel resolution - its 2.5 times more than FullHD. This camera is suitable for laryngoscopy, otoscopy and epipharingoscopy. We can offer you other cameras, that are specialized and suitable for example for stroboscopy. You can set on camera ROI, white ballance, exposure, gain, focus. These parameters are set up just once, when the system is installed and there is no need to set them up further.


The coupler fits to all optics. It has focus and zoom 2x option with great apperture.

All-in-one(AIO) computer

We use in the basic configuration Dell AIO Touch computer with 23" display, Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD. You can order better computer of course. Great feature of AIO computer is that it is just slightly thicker monitor with all the hardware integrated. So you don't need a large case with many wires. The AIO system is flexible (hydraulic arm), handy and its not occupating much space.

Hydraulic arm

Hydraulic arm is designed as a wall mount for AIO. We fasten AIO usually besides the examination chair to let the doc watch it during the whole examination. The arm is adjustable to all directions so it gives you the maximal flexibility of the setting.


The footswitch has 3 pedals. You control the system during the examination using this footswitch so you have both your hands available for examination. The left pedal is used for capturing and saving images/videos, the middle pedal is for ExView option and the right pedal can be used for adjusting ligthness of the image.

Cameras - options

For our sets we can offer two other cameras. We have cameras for stroboscopic examination of chords and FullHD+ cameras for common examinations as well. The comparison between HD+ and FullHD+ (including samples) can be found here.