Video endoscopic camera/software from Kettex Development


7-9.10.2021: We will exhibit at Czech/Slovak Days of Phoniatry in Bratislava.

8-11.9.2021: We will exhibit at Slovak National ENT conference in Zilina. Meet us there!

15.8.2021: We are proud to announce a new distributor of our devices in Poland - EUMed Sp.z o.o.

14.6.2021: A small step for a doctor, but a big step for our company. We sold our first camera in Belgium.

10.2.2021: We release a new camera KX-01-OR for operation theatre. It complies with MDR, of course.

5.10.2020: Our diagnostic camera KX-01 and our Software officially complies with MDR. It took us 14 months of work, but we made it.

We are producers of USB endoscopic cameras and software. Our cameras provide superb images and our software provides unique features. The cameras and software comply with MDR.


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Contact Info:

  • Kettex Development s.r.o.
  • Pod vodárenskou věží 4, Prague
  • Czech Republic
  • E-mail:
  • Cell phone: +420 728 526 720

Technical data

The camera has a silicone body with an IPX7 cover. The camera has a USB3 connector, a native resolution of 2048x1536 pixels with a global shutter - it uses a 1/1.8 " Sony CMOS Pregius IMX265LQ chip inside.

Control System

The camera is designed to be used with a medical grade computer. Camera does not have controls on it, it is controlled by footswitch linked to a computer or by the touchscreen.

Target group

The camera KX-01 is for diagnostics only, not operating rooms. Our customers are mainly outpatient ENT specialists, Urologists, Uro-Gynecologists and Gynecologists.

The camera KX-01-OR can be used for operations.