Video endoscopy system from Kettex Development

We are producers of USB endoscopic cameras for diagnostic purposes. Our cameras provide superb images. And our concept Cam-PC allows us to use PC to deliver unique features and employ AI with ease.


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Video endoscopy system from Kettex Development

Video endoscopy system consists of hardware and software. You need just your own light source and endoscope to use our system. When you attach the endoscope to the camera coupler the system is ready to go. The oculars of the endscopes are the same standard, so the system works with every endoscope.

Hardware of the video endoscopy system:

Coupler, CMOS Camera, All-in-one computer, Walmount/Stand, Footswitch


In the basic system we use USB3 color CMOS FullHD camera. This camera is suitable for all common ENT, Urology examination and diagnostics We can offer you other camera, that are specialized and suitable for example for stroboscopy (chords examination). Resolution can be upto 2048x1536 pixels.


The default coupler fits to all endoscopes. It has focus and optical zoom 2x.

All-in-one(AIO) computer

We use in the basic configuration Dell AIO Touch computer with 23" display or Dell Micro with IPS IIYAMA screen. Or we can supply medical grade computers from Teguar, Advantech and others. The advantage of this solution: there is no box - processor unit for the camera. Its just a screen with integrated computer, and it fits everywhere with minimum cables.


The footswitch has 3 pedals. You control the system during the examination using this footswitch so you have both your hands available for examination. The left pedal is used for capturing and saving images/videos, the middle pedal is for ExView option and the right pedal can be used for adjusting ligthness of the image.