Video endoscopy system from Kettex Development

We are producers of USB endoscopic cameras for diagnostic purposes. Our cameras provide superb images. And our concept Cam-PC allows us to use PC to deliver unique features and employ AI with ease.


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Video endoscopy system from Kettex Development

Video endoscopy is swiftly expanding way of documentation, even when the price of the video endoscopy systems were relativelly high and the way of use was not straightforward. But today the price is modest and the size of the system is not the size of endoscopy unit anymore.

What do you need for video endoscopy?

You need to have your own source of light and your own endoscope. We bring the rest. If you don't have experience with endoscopy, we can recommand you rigid/flexible endoscopes, light sources and best price/performance knowing your budget.

What is video endscopy good for?