Video endoscopic camera/software from Kettex Development

We are producers of USB endoscopic cameras and software. Our cameras provide superb images and our software provides unique features. The cameras and software comply with MDR.


For instant support please use chat icon in bottom-right corner. With more complex questions please contact us by email. We answer in 24 hours.

Contact Info:

  • Kettex Development s.r.o.
  • Pod vodárenskou věží 4, Prague
  • Czech Republic
  • E-mail:
  • Cell phone: +420 728 526 720

What do we produce

We produce USB3 Endoscopic cameras and software that can be used for diagnostics and for operations.

Why USB Cams not towers? Because we believe USB Cams are the future.

  • ➙ Camera is connected directly to the computer and therefore: it is flexible and modular - computer/screen can be upgraded swiftly.
  • ➙ Software in the computer is easy to upgrade, patch or improve.
  • ➙ The latest technologies like AI, DeepLearning can be used at low cost and indepently on the rest of the system.

  • If all the stuff is hardwired it is extremely difficult to modify/change/upgrade the system. The system is therefore rigid and always several years after the state-of-art technology. The modular system won the competition many times before in other areas like Automotive, Information technology.

    What else the doctors need for endoscopy?

    The camera and software is not the only thing what doctors need for endoscopy. They need a coupler, a PC, an endoscope and a light source. We can also deliver these goods, even if we don't produce them ourselves.