Video endoscopic camera/software from Kettex Development


7-9.10.2021: We will exhibit at Czech/Slovak Days of Phoniatry in Bratislava.

8-11.9.2021: We will exhibit at Slovak National ENT conference in Zilina. Meet us there!

15.8.2021: We are proud to announce a new distributor of our devices in Poland - EUMed Sp.z o.o.

14.6.2021: A small step for a doctor, but a big step for our company. We sold our first camera in Belgium.

10.2.2021: We release a new camera KX-01-OR for operation theatre. It complies with MDR, of course.

5.10.2020: Our diagnostic camera KX-01 and our Software officially complies with MDR. It took us 14 months of work, but we made it.

We are producers of USB endoscopic cameras and software. Our cameras provide superb images and our software provides unique features. The cameras and software comply with MDR.


For instant support please use chat icon in bottom-right corner. With more complex questions please contact us by email. We answer in 24 hours.

Contact Info:

  • Kettex Development s.r.o.
  • Pod vodárenskou věží 4, Prague
  • Czech Republic
  • E-mail:
  • Cell phone: +420 728 526 720

What do we produce

We produce USB3 Endoscopic cameras and software that can be used for diagnostics and for operations.

Why USB Cams not towers? Because we believe USB Cams are the future.

  • ➙ The USB camera system takes up minimal space, you only need an AIO computer and cam, no processor unit, storage unit ...
  • ➙ It's easy to back up/manage patient data - images/videos are in jpg/avi format, and work with them just like a regular computer.
  • ➙ You can connect to a computer by remote access in case of software service/upgrade or perhaps by training a new worker.
  • ➙ The system can do everything your computer can do - you can print from it, share data over the network (whether hospital or internet), organise consolliums on patient data, or stream the data, just like that.
  • ➙ Even at low cost, advanced technologies like DeepLearning (artificial intelligence) can be applied.

  • All of these things are extremely difficult/costly in the case of endoscopic towers, where everything is hard-wired. Such systems are very rigid and always several years behind state-of-art technologies. A modular system like ours, has already won over proprietary solutions many times, for example in automotive, information technology. Now it's time for health care, too.

    What else does an endoscopy doctor need besides our USB camera and software?

    Camera and software aren't the only things a doctor needs for an endoscopy. It also needs: an optical coupler, a PC, an endoscope and a light source. We also know how to deliver all these things even though we don't make them ourselves.

    Very often we supply whole systems: Camera, software, PC (with screen), coupler. Endoscopes and a source of light are often already in the doctor's possession, if not addressed to one of the suppliers of known brands.