OEM Cooperation

We offer our products in OEM version to our partners as well.

Camera head

➙ Our USB3 camera has Sony CMOS chip with global shutter.
➙ The maximal resolution is 2048×1536 pixels.
➙ Camera has standard C-mount thread.
➙ We have SDK for it, to integrate to any software easily.
➙ Camera has 89g itself.
➙ Standard warranty is 24 months.
➙ Camera complies with MDR: BF, ISO 60601-1-1, ISO 60601-1-2, ISO 60601-1-6, 60601-2-18.
➙ Black housing (IPX7 protection) is made of silicon with fluorination finish.

SDK with features

Our system has exceptional features, which are based on advanced image processing algorithms. We have created a C++ library that allows one to integrate these features to the software and use it even with any other camera.

All functions are highly optimized to be able to run it in real-time. List of provided features:
➙ Image sharpening (details highlighting)
➙ Image denoising (noise reduction)
➙ Fibroscopic grid removal
➙ ExView (vessels highlighting)