Portable endoscopic system

Camera Kettex KX-01, UHD Zoom Coupler, Medical grade tablet, Footswitch(optional). Overall weight: 3.2kg.



Blue filter for better image contrast
Equipment: Kettex EVision Cam, Storz Zoom Laryngoscope 9mm 70 deg , MGB HD Zoom lenses, Photonic lighsource



Fibroscopic grid correction

Our software is able to remove fibroscopic grid and preserve all the data at the image. We do it on live stream at 25 fps, so the image remains fluent. The filter neither add nor delete any information at image.

Machida ENT-30FC diam 2.1mm

Machida ENT-30PC diam 3.2mm


Noise reduction

If the image is noisy (there is not enough light from light source) we can remove the noise easily in real time. No relevant information is deleted and the image is much more pleasant for human eyes then.

Equipment: Kettex EVision Cam, Storz Zoom Laryngoscope 9mm 70 deg , LenOptec lenses, ShenDa Light Source

Image captured without noise reduction

Image captured with noise reduction



GDT (Geräte-Daten-Transfer) support – our app can get metadata from patient system via GDT and can send back captured data.
DICOM support – our app can save data(images/videos) to DICOM format including metadata.
PACS support – we support communication with PACS server (tested with Orthanc). All captured data can be automatically uploaded to the hospital server.