Endoscopic USB Cameras


Technical data
The camera has a silicone body with an IPX7 cover. The camera has a USB3 connector, a native resolution of 2048×1536 pixels with a global shutter – it uses a 1/1.8 ” Sony CMOS  Pregius IMX265LQ chip inside.

Control System
The camera is designed to be used with a medical grade computer. Camera does not have controls on it, it is controlled by footswitch linked to a computer or by the touchscreen.

Target group
The camera KX-01 is for outpatient care only, not for operating rooms. Our customers are mainly outpatient ENT specialists, Urologists, Uro-Gynecologists and Gynecologists. The camera KX-01-OR can be used for operations.


Capturing software was designed to minimize the complexity and to maximize the simplicity and the effectivity. In fact the sofware was designed by doctors. You can control the  application and camera by a touchscreen and a footswitch. The software can be easily integrated to complex patient system.

Videoplayer was designed again as simple as possible. You can move over the video by dragging, capture image from existing video, compare 2 videos beside each other.



Our products complies with MDR (745/2017)



We had our camera tested in accredited lab.


ISO 13485

Our QMS complies with ISO 13485 and we have got a certificate to it.