UltraHD 4K camera

Our 4K camera has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and a rolling shutter (Sony IMX226 chip). It can also be used in FullHD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) for greater sensitivity.

The 4K resolution is very fine and only makes sense when you use a 4K endoscope, a very powerful light source, a large screen for the doctor to look at from a short distance. The difference in that case looks like this.

Original image in FullHD resolution

Our 4K camera can convey a very fine and detailed image if the equipment is perfect. In other cases, it can operate in FullHD mode. Before using 4K camera  it is important to understand:

1) In the case of an SD,HD endoscope the image will be the same as from a FullHD camera.

2) In the case of a moderately powerful light source, an imperfect light guide cable 4K camera will not deliver better image than FullHD camera.

The last feature to note is that a 4K camera produces a huge amount of data Р4x more than a FullHD camera. It takes a much more powerful computer to process this data (min req. is  processor i7 12700T, recommended is 12700 or 12900T or higher) , photos and videos take up 4x more space than the data from a FullHD camera.